Seitai Treatment

Our body has the capacity to heal itself and return to its normal condition from a range of common illnesses and injuries without external interference. This is the power of body's natural healing. 

This natural healing power works unconsciously, however, it is limited by a range of elements which weaken or obstruct its functioning.  The Seitai practitioner is to examine the condition of a client's musculoskeletal system to identify these obstructing factors and eliminate them.

Seitai is a combination of secret techniques which masters of various healing traditions used in Japan in the first half of 20 century. The knowledge of these esoteric healing techniques had traditionally been passed down to only a few practitioners in Japan and Asia. From fear of losing this valuable secret knowledge master Seitai practitioners convened after the War to examine and preserve the most efficient techniques to be used in treatment and taught to the future generations of Seitai practitioners.

"Imoto Seitai"

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